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Developing Expert Readers Developing Expert Readers provides easy to use and proven effective Tier 1, 2, or 3 Response to Intervention (RtI) materials for every elementary classroom.

Phonological Awareness

Look here for Developing Expert Readers: Phonological Awareness There are 40 systematic and explicit lessons with all materials necessary to teach them as well as 40 literacy center activities. Developing Expert Readers: Phonological Awareness provides the perfect fit for RtI in your Preschool and Kindergarten children.


Developing Expert Readers: Supplemental Phonics and Center Activities. This is the phonics RtI materials you’ve been asking for! Developed by classroom teachers, reading specialist and consultants in direct response to teacher requests and input. The Phonics Assessment lets the teacher know exactly which phonics skills the students have mastered and which ones they haven’t.


Comprehension: Supplemental Lessons, Center Activities and Diagnostic Assessment for K-3. This third in the series of Developing Expert Readers features innovative, diagnostic, research based comprehension assessments and lessons to reinforce specific comprehension skills. This innovative, built for RtI not only provides comprehensive assessment, it also provides the follow up lessons for children in grades K-3.