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Supplemental Phonics for All Teachers

The phonics support materials you’ve been asking for! Developed by classroom teachers, reading specialist and consultants in direct response to teacher request and input.

Phonics Brochure
(PDF, 564kb)

Supports Existing Reading Curriculum (K-2)

This is different than any other supplemental phonics materials you’ve seen before. By incorporating high quality materials that support systematic and explicit instruction every teacher can meet individual and group needs with 348 systematic & explicit lessons, 115 literacy center activities, all manipulatives necessary for lessons and center activities, letter books (200), decodable books (360), posters (63), individual white boards (8), sentence strips, sorts and games.

Quick and Easy Assessment Tools

A quick and easy to use phonics assessment that will pin point each students decoding strengths and needs.

Complete Materials!

Developing Expert Readers is a set of over 340 supplemental phonics lessons and literacy center activities designed to support your teachers and student learners in the mastery of phonics in kindergarten, first and second grades.

Classroom and Teacher Ready!

Your teachers will no longer need to spend late nights creating activities to support phonics instruction! No one will need to monopolize the copy machine printing materials for phonics lessons!

“My teachers love the Literacy First Phonics Kits! Everything a teacher needs to teach a flex group is included in the kit. The benefits are two fold. First, the kits are well organized and user friendly. Second, because of the structure of the lesson plan (using the anatomy of a lesson format) our teachers have begun to write their other lesson plans in the same format. Using the lesson plan provided in the kits, our teachers find it much easier to hit all the components of a flex group lesson. It is my intent to purchase a kit for each grade level ASAP. Kudos to the authors and developers of the Literacy First Phonics Kits.”

Drew Eichelberger
Western Oaks Elementary
Putnam City Public Schools
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Self-contained Modules

Separate modules allow you to maximize your budget. The complete set includes seven (7) modules covering grades K-2. Allocate modules to individual classrooms or get a set for each classroom.

See what's inside!

Phonics for Every Student

The RtI phonics support materials you’ve been asking for! Developed by classroom teachers, reading specialist and consultants for Response to Intervention. Materials and lessons provided for Tier 1, 2 or 3. Group or individual. Look here for more information.