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Supporting Documents

Literacy First and Response to Intervention
(WORD, 96kb)

Response to Intervention
(WORD, 90kb)

Phonics Comparison
(PDF, 54kb)

Comparison Advanced Decoding Skills
(PDF, 56kb)

Phonics Validity/Reliability
(PDF, 45kb)

Phonological Awareness Skills Test (PAST) Validity/Reliability
(PDF, 58kb)

Developing Fluent Readers
(PDF, 80kb)

Systematic, Explicit Instruction
(PDF, 412kb)

Research Base Article
(PDF, 112kb)

Literacy First Research Base Alignment with Reading First
(WORD, 104kb)

Literacy First to DIBELS Comparison
(PDF, 112kb)

On Grade Level Criteria for Beginning-Middle-End of Year
(PDF, 244kb)

Paraprofessional Trainning
(PDF, 868k)

Professional Development Institute, Inc. Announces Literacy First Implementation for Ft. Totten Schools
(PDF, 960k)

Comprehension Assessment Sequence
(PDF, 152k)

Institute Registration Information

2010 Leadership Institute Registration Form
(PDF, 404kb)


Mountain View - Gotebo Public School
(PDF, 103kb)

Elementary Closing the Achievement Gap
(PDF, 1.5mb)

Secondary Closing the Achievement Gap
(PDF, 1.4mb)

The School Board of Highlands County
(PDF, 326k)

Guilford County Schools
(PDF, 199k)

Ponca City Public Schools
(PDF, 137k)

Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation
(PDF, 176k)

Northern Elementary School
(PDF, 166k)

Unified School District 470 Arkansas City
(PDF, 170k)

Bush Elementary School
(DOC, 40k)