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Implemented over a three-year period and designed specifically to meet the literacy needs of children age four to six, this process is customized to meet the needs of each school district and Head Start program.

Components in the Literacy First Early Childhood Process include:

  1. Characteristics of young children and considerations for teaching literacy skills
  2. Phonological Awareness - specific activities and lessons included with resources, assessment matched to instruction
  3. Print rich environment - how to develop, expand and use for instruction
  4. Literacy Centers - how to develop and include literacy throughout all centers
  5. Skills Checklist of each child’s emergent literacy skills
  6. Comprehension development using specific listening skills and strategies, including read aloud.
  7. Phonics skills and assessment for the young learner
  8. Shared Reading and Writing
  9. Family Connection

Early Childhood Summary of Services

Service Year One Year Two Year Three
Professional Development

5 days of intensive Phase I training for Pre-K, K teachers

3 days of intensive Phase II training for Pre-K, K teachers

No training days for this year

Coaching / Consulting

6 days per school, unlimited phone and e-mail

6 days per school, unlimited phone and e-mail

6 days per school, unlimited phone and e-mail

Video Tapes

Training videos to be retained by each school


Teacher Manual - containing criterion referenced, benchmarked, reading curriculum and instructional reading activities. In addition, each teacher receives 2 resource books filled with ready to use activities for reading instruction and literacy centers